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Marketing Memo to our Clients


Yauco Selecto offers a particular personality with a unique taste. We believe that the best coffee in the world is the one that each customer prefers. For some people, the high acidity of the Central American coffees is it. For others, an Indonesian coffee is preferred. In a subjective world, there is not a best coffee in the world, but certainly there are unique coffees that offer something different. Such, we believe, is the case of Yauco Selecto. We strive to offer you what can be best described as:

A well-balanced cup, with a creamy, almost buttery taste, with an arresting aftertaste and a hint of chocolate undertones.

To many people, Yauco Selecto represents the best the Caribbean has to offer. Our brochures give you (and your staff) strong supportive reasons to make this claim. We have also had many comments about the smoothness of the cup. This is a relevant fact for Yauco Selecto creates a situation in which coffee experts and new drinkers can both enjoy cup after cup. Our favorite test is to give someone who only drinks coffee with a great deal of sugar a taste of Yauco Selecto for the first time. You will be surprised by the reaction. They typically use the sugar to compensate. The smoothness and creaminess of the coffee that we grow, make them appreciate the taste from a different angle.



To our average consumer, the concept of coffee farms is somewhat remote. For years, the same drinker who is surprised by a higher coffee price, perhaps does not blink at the sight of a $20 bottle of French wine next to a $5 bottle of Chilean vintage. The reality of growing Yauco Selecto is the following:

1 ) We grow at the highest elevations in Puerto Rico, a territory of the United States in the Caribbean. All federal laws pertaining labor, environment, agriculture practices, and OSHA compliance are in effect. This means that the cost of growing coffee in Puerto Rico is very similar to Hawaii's situation. We still grow it because of the taste.

2) A typical coffee picker in Puerto Rico earns upwards of $60 per day. The task of picking coffee is extremely difficult. In a First World economy like Puerto Rico's there are many employment opportunities that surpass the reality of our industry. Our pickers are paid based on what they collect. Master pickers are known to surpass $100 per day. This is a sharp contrast with the reality of many other coffee growing situations.

3) The government of Puerto Rico has additional protective measures that create a locally supported price which at times has been significantly greater than the world commodity price This means that even low grown / low quality coffee is relatively expensive The additional work that goes into making Yauco Selecto adds significantly to the price To us, we are making a vintage (estate coffee). It must be processed as such and at a significant cost.



A) Grown in the USA with great fairness to the pickers.

B) Environmental practices are in place to protect our island and the consumer.

C) The coffee is processed in small lots with great attention to detail.

D) It is an adult occupation, children go to school.

E) Yauco Selecto is produced in small quantities, emphasize the uniqueness of this issue (3,000 bags production is small when compared to anybody).

F) Yauco Selecto is heralded around the world for its unique taste. When your consumer buys it, he/she is enjoying one of the truly finest coffees in the world.

G) Just like with the higher priced wines, we emphasize to our clients that YOU PUT DOLLARS IN THE BANK, NOT PERCENTAGES. A pound of our coffee sold at $14/LB. will give you more $/LB. than your average $9/LB. sale. If we apply a strict percentage to a coffee like Yauco Selecto you may get into a situation where it gets so expensive that volume might be affected. This can create volume turnover issues as well as limiting the sale of the coffee. Just our opinion. Your word is always the last one, of course.



Have you ever thought about the possibility of doing single origin espresso We have had a number of espresso drink vendors see great success with this. The thinking is that in a highly competitive environment where the yogurt stand, Wal-Mart, and even the bookstore offers espresso, you can stand out by upping the ante. Yauco Selecto is one of few coffees that have the balance to offer a great tasting cup of espresso. This can be a regular as well as a special offering.


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